Image Source: Buxton Hall BBQ

If you’ve been to Asheville, read about Asheville, or even crossed paths with an Ashevillian recently, then you’ve heard about Buxton Hall BBQ. This relative newcomer is steered by a dynamic team. Chef Elliott Moss is a James Beard Award nominee who arrived in Asheville in 2007 to help open the Admiral. Now he partners with Meherwan Irani to bring BBQ dreams to life. Irani is the genius behind Chai Pani and now counts 5 restaurant locations under his stewardship.

But back to the ‘cue. I was intrigued by their “smoked while you sleep” tagline and had to try it for myself. Spoiler: it lives up to the hype. Caveat: don’t go in expecting no frills Eastern Carolina style BBQ. If you can embrace the non-traditional nature of Buxton, then you will appreciate what makes the menu so satisfying.

To start, I don’t think you can go wrong with the hush puppies. Each ball of dough is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and flecked with jalapeños. These guys are filling and just the thing to tide you over until your main course arrives. If you are extra hungry, the smoked pimiento cheese dip is also a treat.

For the big event, I enjoy the classic BBQ plate with sides and the fried chicken sandwich. Both are indulgent, but the vegetables cooked under the hog lighten it up a bit… or not. For sides, the insider move is to order waffle fries with a side of white BBQ sauce (the white sauce acts as a ranch substitute). Green beans with hog bits, baby limas, macaroni salad, root veggie mash, and traditional Carolina chicken bog round out an all-star line-up of sides.

My favorite part of a meal at Buxton is trying out their pie or turnover of the day. Most pies are served room temperature, so don’t expect a hot slice. Either way, the banana pudding pie with meringue topping and rotating hand pies are not to be missed. The open air interior and friendly wait staff make you feel like your home - even if you are surrounded on all sides by tourists who just read about Buxton in the latest Bon Appetit.

In addition to the main dining room, Buxton Hall also operates a more exclusive-feeling pop-up dinner in their 2nd floor Remingtin Room. Make sure to email for Remingtin Room reservations and to prepare for a wait for the main dining room during peak hours (pretty much every hour they are open).