asheville moving tips

If you are considering a move to Asheville or one of our neighboring towns, congratulations! We are ready to welcome you to our friendly mountain city. As you prepare to move your life and your belongings from one place to another, I hope these packing tips come in handy!


Preparation is Key

We have all experienced “packing fatigue” after a marathon weekend of organizing, boxing, labelling, and lifting. If you have the luxury of time, use it. Set daily box goals for yourself starting 2 weeks out so that you can spread out the moving tasks. Give yourself a deadline that is 24 hours before your official move because those little things always sneak up. Make sure you have the necessary boxes, packing materials, and moving supplies well in advance. This can help reduce the “day of chaos.”

If you are within easy driving distance of your new home, there are a few more steps you can take. Drive over basic supplies for your bathroom and kitchen (toilet paper and trash bags, anyone?) the day before. You can go a step further by bringing extra fragile items and an overnight bag to your new place if you have the time! And remember to keep chargers easily available. Finally, make sure to reconfirm your appliance transfer and moving company a few days out to ensure your big day runs smoothly.


Box Strategy 101

The biggest moving mistake people make is to load big boxes up with heavy items. This creates impossibly heavy and unwieldy boxes that will increase back strain and stress on moving day. To prevent this, remember to pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. You can go a step further and label your boxes by weight. As you take multiple trips with your arms full of boxes this will allow you to figure out which boxes to grab next at a glance (without picking up and testing every box).

As you pack, maximize the space within every box. If you have empty space, put a pillow or towel in it. Just remember to only put items from the same room into a box together. This helps prevent moving day confusion or lost items. In fact, as you prepare for the move, work through your home room by room so that your packing flow naturally follows this rule. Finally, label every box with its destination room and a brief rundown of its contents.


Reduce Moving Stress

Even with ample preparation and strategic packing, moving can still be stressful. To take the edge off, I have a few more tips for a stress-free move. Before you start packing, I recommend doing a big declutter in your current home. The time to sell unworn items on eBay or drop boxes off at Goodwill is not moving week. Get this done a month ahead (again, if you are lucky to have time) so that you are only packing and moving items that you want to end up in your new home.

As your move approaches, make sure to block off ample time to complete your packing and relocation tasks. This might mean taking a day off work or having someone watch your kids for the day. Whatever you need to do in order to make progress and stay on schedule, try to do it. Lastly, make sure you give yourself enough time and effectively delegate tasks.  You don’t have to do it all alone or all in one day! Proper preparation can help alleviate moving stress so that you can focus on nesting in your new house.


Make Your New House a Home

There are a lot of differing theories on the order in which to unpack. I am a fan of starting with the closet - hear me out. Moving is already tiring enough without having to rustle through boxes for your clothes. If you start with your closet, you can stay organized and make it easier to find essentials (like clothing and shoes) as you unpack the rest of your home. Another tip is to unpack your art and lean it against the wall until you decide where to hang it. This allows you to enjoy your favorite art and photography right from the start without having to commit to your hanging arrangements immediately.

As you move in, unpack your favorite items first. Is there a clock that is an integral part of your day to day life? Hang it first! Light your favorite candles or put your favorite essential oil in the diffuser to make your new house smell like home. Looking to get comfy? Make your bed with fresh clean sheets for your first night as an extra treat. If you are a creature of habit and you throw your keys in the same dish or hang the dog leash on the same hook every day, go ahead and arrange those. These are just a few ways to break in your new home so you can start enjoying your new neighborhood or city!

Be sure to check out my favorite Asheville restaurants, local activities, and museums. If you need help with your home search, feel free to browse our current listings or call me directly at 828-776-6202.